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Our Mission.

P5Connect is committed to providing top-level, individualized service that ensures patients receive the care they need promptly and efficiently. We’re here to revolutionize specialty pharmacy management with a provider-first approach.

We Offer:

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Data Access:

Immediate access to patient records, medication histories, and care plans.


Smooth integration with existing systems to minimize disruptions.


Data-driven insights to improve decision-making and patient outcomes.

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Secure access to the hub from anywhere, ensuring continuous support.

Introducing MIDRx

Medically integrated dispensing grants patients the convenience and efficiency of accessing their prescribed treatments. It empowers medical practices to take greater control over their patients’ treatment journey, including aspects such as adherence and symptom management. This proactive approach helps reduce avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room visits while improving the continuity of care. By adopting in-office dispensing, healthcare providers can overcome administrative challenges related to obtaining authorizations and financial assistance. Medically integrated dispensing (MID) not only offers patients added convenience and faster access to therapy but also creates new revenue streams for medical practices.

For medical practices that may lack the necessary resources, time, or expertise to establish and maintain a comprehensive dispensing program, the MIDRx program serves as a practical solution. MIDRx takes care of the initial groundwork, such as processing prescriptions, obtaining authorizations, and managing rejections. By reducing reliance on retail pharmacies, the MIDRx program allows medical practices to have more control over when patients start their medication, leading to increased patient satisfaction. The program requires a designated staff member responsible for dispensing, and MIDRx assists in the recruitment and training process. Once a prescription is approved, the practice staff is promptly notified, enabling them to order the necessary medication. The office staff handles labeling, prescription fulfillment, and paperwork, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

The MIDRx program caters to medical practices looking to initiate a dispensing program or struggling to manage prescriptions due to a busy staff. It also helps medical practices save valuable time that can be dedicated to managing therapy-related side effects. MIDRx provides valuable recommendations for optimizing prescription capture, including drug code optimization, generic and biosimilar substitution, rebate aggregation, site of care optimization, and health plan coverage optimization.

Why P5Connect is Your Go-To Pharmaceutical Hub

Experience the P5Connect difference with our innovative, patient-first approach that revolutionizes pharmaceutical distribution.

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Here’s how we stand out:


Our state-of-the-art healthcare hub seamlessly integrates with your practice, providing real-time data access and advanced analytics for superior patient care.

Support Teams:

Our specialized teams handle every aspect of the process, from prior authorization to benefit verification, ensuring smooth and timely service.


We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each physician and patient, offering a personalized experience that large-scale competitors can’t match.

Training and

We equip your staff with the tools and knowledge needed to maximize the benefits of our system, enhancing efficiency and patient outcomes.


Our robust data collection and analytics provide actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions that improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

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Ready to Solve Your Pharmacy Distribution Challenges?

P5 Connect is the solution. See how our Consolidated Pharmacy Services Centre can help you grow your healthcare business today. Our tailored services enhance operational efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and streamline your workflow.

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