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We deliver best-in-class market access solutions to pharma, providers, pharmacy and patients.

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P5Connect provides the next generation of services and technology to support Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmacies, Patients, Physician and Payors in the delivery of Specialty and Infused medications.


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P5Connect provides program design for Specialty, Retail, Specialty Infusion Pharmacies, Providers, Payors and Pharma companies who want to offer a variety of support for their patients. Our comprehensive services portfolio supports the entire care continuum, from getting a referral to Prior Authorization approval to on-going support.

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We deliver best-in-class
market access solutions

to pharma, providers, pharmacy & patients.


Specialty Pharmacy

P5 Connect brings its expertise in back office support for Specialty and Infused medication management to Retail, Specialty and Infusion Pharmacies.

Prior Authorization

P5 Connect will ensure and follow the prior authorization process from start to finish and proactively manage the renewal process to ensure there are no interruptions in patient therapy.

Appeals Management

Appeals can occur for either billing issues or prior authorizations and P5 Connect support pharmacies in all appeals.

Benefit Verification

A trough Benefits Verification for all coverages is completed for the pharmacy and patient.

Billing & Coding

We support the billing process for both the physicians and dispensing pharmacies.

Data Collection
& Management

P5 Connect collects robust data from the physicians, patients, payers and pharmacies to produce market intelligence to effectively make business and care decisions.

Our Technology


Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Our fully customized mobile application allows forward thinking specialty pharmacies to gain a competitive edge: Uninterrupted quality of care via direct access. Real-time and immediate access to shared: Clinical Care Plans; Medication Therapy Management; Progress Notes; Patient History, Drug Information, Recommendations and Interventions.


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