Patient Services

Patient Assistance Programs
P5 Connect team members are well informed of all programs that will provide patient assistance either through co-pay cards, co-pay assistance programs, free product, samples and/or free trials. In our Benefit Verification process we identify what the patient out of pocket will be per fill as well as the estimated amount out of pocket cost for the benefit year. This provides the patient with the financial information needed to determine if any patient assistance program will be needed throughout the course of the therapy and allows P5 Connect team members to be proactive in finding the patient the financial assistance they need to complete the therapy.
Adherence & Clinical Services
P5 Connect develops customized adherence programs that centers around the patient needs. Through our risk assessment programs we identify the care plan and patient outreach program that will work best for the individual patient. Our Clinical programs are designed to manage clinical pathways, therapy management and patient outcomes. All data is reportable and utilized in the communication with the physician and health care team. Our clinical programs also provide Disease and Therapy educational materials for the patient, family and caregivers. Our clinical staff of Pharmacist and Nurses provide assistance throughout the course of therapy and become an extension of the patient health care team.
Web/Mobile Application
Our fully customized mobile application allows a competitive edge: Uninterrupted can improve patient compliance and adherence. Real-time and immediate access to shared: Clinical Care Plans; Medication Therapy Management; Progress Notes; Patient History, Drug Information, Recommendations and Interventions.

P5 Connect offers its clients an opportunity to gain the competitive edge through the use of a fully customizable mobile application that allows uniform direct access and secure information sharing among the pharmacy team, the provider, and the patient. The application provides the tools necessary to engage patients and improve outcomes through increased medication adherence monitoring, side-effect tracking, appointment and refill reminders, as well as education and training.

The application allows uninterrupted quality of care via real-time and immediate access to shared Clinical Care Plans, Medication Therapy Management, Progress Notes, Interventions, and Recommendations. Integration with tablets and smartphones for field work forces like nurse educators and sales representatives enables real time access and interaction on the go.

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